Our Girls




Journey, “Ridgepond’s Pursuit of Happiness at Driftwood”, was born June 25, 2012.  She is from a good friend, Sue Riippa, of Ridgepond Goldens in Battle Creek, MI.  She has OFA normal heart, eyes, hips and elbows. She is our up and coming girl. She has a sweet personality, a correct scissor bite, dark pigment, and a beautiful blonde coat. She lives at Driftwood Goldens in Kalamazoo with Sheri.




Chelsea, Driftwood Chelsea’’s a Class Clown, was born February 4, 2011. She is out of Chauncey, Driftwood’’s Most Cheerful Chauncey and Onyx, Gracious Glds. Gem Hunter. As a puppy, we laughed at the playful things she did. She has a beautiful long coat, dark pigment, and a correct scissor bite. In three AKC shows she won lst place twice and 2nd place once. We are excited for her future. She lives at Driftwood Goldens in Kalamazoo with Sheri.





Glory is a small, well balanced Golden Retriever. She is quite intelligent, very eager to please and sailed through obedience training. Fetching is her greatest passion and will bring me anything she can find: toys, balls, sticks, etc. She will drop toys on my keyboard to get my attention! Finding toys I have hidden is a favorite game. When I put her outdoors to hide her toys, she started watching through the back window to see where I put them! She eagerly works on the challenging toys with hidden treats. She has an extremely easy care coat and her feet stay trimmed without any grooming.


Raising Puppies

Every dog is different and so is every owner. We specialize in helping you find the best puppy. Our goal is to raise good looking, healthy puppies, with that wonderful “Golden” personality. Great care is taken to choose a stud which will compliment the dam.

All puppies are raised in our home.

All puppies are given neurological stimulation from day 3 to 16.

5 benefits of early handling and stimulation:

1. Improved cardio vascular performance (heart rate)
2. Stronger heart beats
3. Stronger adrenal glands
4. More tolerance to stress
5. Greater resistance to disease.

Next the puppies are socialized, exposed to new situations (i.e. activiities, grooming, toys, weaning onto puppy food, and potty training).

Between 6 and 7 weeks the puppies are brought to the Vet for their shots and physical.

At 7 weeks, just before the puppies are placed with their owner, they are temperament tested using the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test.

About Us

History of Driftwood Goldens:

In 1985, Sherry Thomas Linker, purchased a male Golden from a top kennel (Malagold Kennels) that was known for their strong health background, and beautiful heads. His name was Malagold Constant Charmer”. By the time he was two years old, he had his American and Canadian Championships, a CDX, UD, and a hunting, working certificate. Many people requested to use Charmer as a stud because of his impressive accomplishments and outstanding looks. Sherry decided to become a breeder, and purchased Daystar’’s Hopeless Flirt, in 1988. Charmer and Flirt produced beautiful puppies together and to this day the Driftwood line comes from these two Goldens. Driftwood Goldens are known for their gentle temperaments and beautiful heads on both males and females. They also have strong healthy genetics and all dogs that are bred at Driftwood must pass their hips, elbows, eyes, and heart.

In 1998, Charmer and Flirt’’s great grandson, Clue, (Driftwood’s Unsolved Mystery CD) was born. Sherry finally found a male that was Charmer’’s equal. He excelled in both the obedience and conformation rings.

Clue is the father of our now retired girl, Mystic, (Driftwood’s Mystery of MacIntosh), who was born in 2001. Mystic is the grandmother of our up and coming, Chelsea, (Driftwood Chelsea’’s a Class Clown) born in 2011.

Charmer’’s great granddaughter, Jewel, (Driftwood’’s It Takes a Thief), was born in 2001. She is the mother of our girl Tiara, (Ridgepond Jewel’’s Crystal Tiara). Jewel went to the Rainbow Bridge in 2012.

In 2009, Sherry was concentrating more on training dogs, and decided to give the Driftwood name to two close friends, Sheri Hoogendyk and Linda Miville. We now own Driftwood’’s Mystery of MacIntosh, “Mystic”,(retired), Ridgepond’’s Jewel Crystal Tiara, “Tiara” and Driftwood Chelsea’’s a Class Clown, “Chelsea” from the Driftwood line.

Linda Miville lives in Vicksburg, MI, in the country on 4.5 acres. She purchased her first Golden from the Driftwood line in 1990, Misty Dawn of Discovery, “Misty”.
Sheri Hoogendyk lives in Kalamazoo, MI with her husband. She purchased her first Golden Retriever from the Driftwood line in 1995, Peaches and Cream Jubilee, “Peaches”, from one of Misty’’s litters. We have since become good friends and have helped each other raise puppies until they go into their forever homes.

We are dedicated hobby breeders and usually have 1 litter per year per girl. We only breed our girls to improve the Golden Retriever breed, according to the standard. Our puppies are raised in Sheri’s home from birth until they go to their new homes, where they receive constant attention and care. For more information, please see our puppy pages.